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I truly love Desired Promise Products! I purchased the Shea Butter Cream for my daughter and my natural hair. I appreciate Shea Butter products because it is very close to our skins natural oil. It made my daughter’s hair more manageable after being washed and she loves the fragrance. It also keeps her hair moisturized longer. I transitioned from natural hair and Flat Twists to Locs recently and this product has helped to maintain my locks and retwist them when needed. The owner is very pleasant and provides awesome customer service! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep their hair and skin feeling great for a longer period of time. -Chiquita

I use the Desired Promise Mist in the spray bottle as well as the Hair Butter Cream. I love how the mist makes my hair so soft and moist. It feels good to my head. The Hair Butter Cream gives my hair that silky smooth relaxed look that I love too. -Mark

I love the Sweet Pea Hair Butter and the Mist it makes my hair shine and smell great. -Trinnise


I love using the Body Butters on my skin because it helps me with my Eczema and dry hands. I work in a Plant so I am always washing my hands. For my hair I use the Hair Mist and “wow” the shine, the feel, and the Hair Butters make my head feel good as I put just a little on my hands, rub them together and put it on my hair “wow”, it smells and feels great. One of the best things about Desired Promise is that you know when you are using the products on your hair and body you are using all Natural products that contain natural ingredients not chemicals that can be harmful to your hair and body. -Juan

Desired Promise Hair & Body Butter is a lightly-whipped miracle in a jar. It leaves you feeling refreshed and silky smooth from head-to-toe. You don’t have to worry about reapplying to your body or hair throughout the day! I have naturally curly hair and my family has varying textures ranging from coarse, tight, spiral curls, wavy to loose flowing curls. The Hair Mist is a wonderful addition to their product line. This detangling formula makes it easier to comb through while delivering the same signature moisture to every strand. -Clementine

I need to feel like a new man plus I mess with the real so pack me up a Order lol, but seriously I bought the Desired Promise Hair Mist and Hair Butter and I must say I love how soft it makes ya hair and the shine is perfect not too much but just right plus the smell aww man y’all don’t even know. Most of all this is made with natural products. The only thing I don’t like its not free. 🙂 I say just give it a try and you tell me. -Domnick

I have very thick and sometimes uncontrollable hair. I choose to normally wear my hair in braids, because the maintenance my hair needs takes too much work and time. I have being using the ‘Desired Promise’ for about a week now. With the spray, it helps me to cut down on the time it takes to comb my hair. I am very tender headed and with the spray it loosens the ends. I can now comb my natural hair without shrugging. Also, the spray and cream is also great with detangling and moisturizing my hair. I love this product, because the products I normally use make my hair very dry. I will continue to use these products and share with all of my friends and family! -Jasmine

Before I started using “Desired Promise” products, I was on my way back to relaxers. My hair was really dry and it was stressing me out. But now I couldn’t be happier. My hair is much easier to deal with. It looks and feels healthier. The natural texture is starting to come out more and it is ten times moisturized than before. I just want to thank Cassandria for introducing me to her products. If it wasn’t for you I probably wouldn’t be team natural hair today! -Shenice

I always use your products on myself and my daughters hair… its awesome love it… keep up the good work! -Kendra

Just started using the hair products and I love it. Will spread the word.THANKS! -Jeanette

I have used just about every product made by Desired Promise. I know the products are made with love and my health in mind. The lotion bar was my savior when the back of my hands started cracking due to very dry skin. In addition, the hair mist and hair butters make my hair soft and manageable. If you need natural hair products, do yourself a favor and try Desired Promise. -Pat W-H

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